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How to Improve Personal Time Management, Team Effectiveness and Focus on Mission and Quality of Life
10 Reasons Why Harvard® Planners & Organizers Are
the Best Space and Time Savers and the Dashboard to Planning a Life Worth living

1. The Big Picture: Harvard University Global System

Maintaining peak performance in the midst of a pandemic is challenging for everyone and more so in virtual teams. But the good news is we are not helpless, thanks to the integration of the best practices and knowledge from neurosciences, systems thinking, self-leadership and applied mathematics. We can act to take control of our future, both at work and in our daily lives, by allocating, to what matters most, our most-important scarce and non-renewable resource, namely time. Thus, we can deliver promptly without hasting nor succombing to the arbitrary-deadlines' tyrrany. How we think and act, or fail to act, about where our time goes, affects our career, physical health and ultimately our brain, impinging on our well-being and peace of mind.

Regarding instruments, before managing time daily with the Harvard® Planner, a good place to start is to track where our time goes through wisely sampling, every 5 to 6 weeks, with the Harvard® Mission-Centered Time Log for Diagnosis & Intervention on What Matters Most. Take action prompt and appropriate action on a regular basis.

Incubated and continually improved by a team led by Alain Paul Martin, both the Harvard® Mission-Centered Time Log and the patented Harvard® Planner (as a stand alone or in a Harvard® Organizer), are practical innovations and an integral part of Harvard University Global System, a dynamic ensemble of both strategic and day-to-day decision-support instruments, aimed at high individual performance and team synergy. These two instruments help us concentrate on mission and important goals, work diligently and melt away superfluous distractions. The ultimate goal is to alleviate toxic stress; enhance restorative sleep; feel relaxed and think with clarity to innovate and indulge in more gratifying endeavors.

2. Harvard® Planners and Organizers

The Harvard® Planner allows you to improve time management, team productivity and personal quality of life for your team, your clients and yourself, especially during this exceptional decade, and much more:
  • Mitigate the innate and natural tendency for unwelcomed distractions (e.g. desultory calls and messages, social and other digital media), and inherent risks of fragmented attention, both of which are, as demonstrated by neuroscientists, frequent sources of consequential but avoidable errors, counterproductive stress and guilt over unfinished work.
  • Craft and focus on your mission and important goals;
  • Expedite the details that matter; and
  • Accomplish unrivalled time and space savings, as shown below.
You can give the Harvard® Planner or Organizer as a precious gift of time to your team and clients in bookbound, wire-O bound and in refills with genuine leather portfolios. Our refills also fit Franklin-Covey® and Day-Timer® binders.

For decision-makers, assistants and other professionals around the world, Harvard® International Planners and Harvard® Elite Planners are a reliable source for international holidays and and an indispensable instrument for effective time management and quality of life. Our loyal clients include scientists, engineers, CEOs, diplomats, entrepreneurs, executive and administrative assistants, educators, and other professionals (finance, procurement, IT, human resources, marketing and sales) as the reliable reference for world holidays. Our loyal clients include educators, entrepreneurs, CEOs, diplomats, lawyers, administrative and executive assistants, and other professionals in finance, engineering, procurement, IT, human resources and marketing and sales.

We manufacture and personalize attractive management posters, Harvard® Planners and other dated products (English, French, Spanish or bilingual) for major banks, governments, military, high-tech companies, universities and advertising-specialty firms.

Here is why the Harvard® Planner saves you 10 days a year
(based on an independent evaluation by Ernst & Young):
  1. Scan each week at a single glance and rapidly plan and control your day with minimum paperwork.
  2. Craft and review your mission; then set valid goals and keep them in sight every day, week and year to do the right things and move forward toward a sustainable future.
  3. Focus on priorities by maintaining attention on the task at hand, and the details that matter.
  4. Instantly reschedule tasks without rewriting.
  5. Record appointments in 30, 15, 10 or 5 minute-blocks without clutter. You can record 10 events in a single timeline without cluttering the next timeline, in the pocket-size Planners and much more in larger formats.
  6. Quick control and permanent record of delegated work and commitments from others.
  7. Fast-Tracking performance and work-in-progress and documenting progress, as a byproduct.
  8. No duplication between agenda, do-lists and expense reports.
  9. User-friendly patented design provides more space for writing than competitors with more room for actions, notes and reminders than planners of comparable size.
    With the space saving, you may be able to use a smaller-size planner; thus, contributing to a worthy cause: cleaner environment!
  10. Adaptable space allocation permitting to differentiate between the important and urgent, discretionary and non-discretionary events, as well as professional, pro-bono, fitness and other personal tasks.
With these features, you gain 10 days each year. What you will do with the free days is up to you!
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Still in doubt?

Take a quick time test: See how you may be foregoing $4,160 a year in productivity.

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